Tatkat Brad Gros EKN
Tatkat Brad Gros EKN
Product:Tatkat Brad Gros EKN
Gram:500 gr
Units Per Packages :20 Pieces
Package Dimensions:25x42x15
Dosage :
We recommend to use 500g Tatkat Brad Gros Ekn for 50 kg flavor
Ingrediends :
Anti-caking agent (Calcium Carbonate E170), Soybean flour, Wheat Flour, Acidity Regulator(Citric Acid E330), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid E300), Enzym(Hemicellulose, Fungal α-amilase, Lipase).
Properties :
Improves the quality, internal structure and color of the bread, increases the bulk of bread and enables to get requested knife trace, ensures thin and soft bread crusts.
Storage and Lifecycle :
Store in a cool dry environment. The expiration date is 1 year from the production date.
Number of Pockets :86976866 3 9 03
Barcode of Product :86976866 1 9 03
Tatkat Brad Gros EKN